A low impact, High intensity exercise that incorporates elements of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet to strengthen, and tone your entire body.
Drum cardio
A fast paced cardio class that uses drumsticks and a ball to bring out your inner rock star!
A mat-based formatted class designed for people who like to sweat & burn calories! Inspired by Yoga and Pilates using focus, flow, and fusion-style movements, as it incorporates dynamic balance, strength, flexibility, and functional training in a rhythmic style. Suitable for all levels!
Core De Force™ LIVE
Experience the ultimate mixed martial arts style body shaping class. Constant core rotational movement combined with explosive cardio helps you blast away the fat, carve your core, and feel like a fighter. Participants move at their own pace, finding the sweet spot of purposeful technique, and challenging tempos. This makes the class appropriate for seasoned athletes and beginners alike.
Country Heat LIVE
Fires up the fun with the hottest country music, combined with high-energy, low-impact, country line dance-inspired moves! If you are looking to burn some major calories, tighten your body from head to toe, and work up a sweat while having fun, Country Heat is a must try for you! It is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.
Unlike most cardio dance classes, CIZE LIVE isn’t about shuffling your feet to the beat. In every class, you’ll work up a sweat while learning fresh moves and edgy routines created by real dancers. You start slow and build on a routine all to popular songs. By the end of the class you will have learned a dance routine and feel like you just stepped offstage from a concert!
Core in the kayak
A fun exercise performed out on the Harmon Lake in a Kayak. We will utilize the elements of instability and water resistance to strengthen and tone our core muscles. We also utilize the paddle to tone those arms.
$20/class 0r $10 if you bring your own kayak
Couples Kayak
This workout is the same as the Core in the Kayak class, but it is done on a tandem kayak with a partner (friend, relative, or significant other). In addition, we will finish out the workout with wine and a stretch on the beach.