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I want people to change the way the think about fitness. People should be exercising for overall wellness, not ‘just’ for weightloss and muscle strengthening. If you are miserable when you workout, it wont last. If you enjoy what you are doing, are happy, and love yourself, it will last a lifetime, and all the other physical aspects will naturally fall into place. Little kids exercise all the time because it is FUN! I want my gym to be a playground for adults, and the classes to be our playdates!


Group classes:
  • single class: $10
  • 5 class pack: $40
  • 10 class pack: $75

24/7 Gym Access

  • VIP – $150/month – 24 hour access to the gym, unlimited YOUfit classes, unlimited classes, unlimited bootcamps, and incentives at local businesses.
  • Unlimited- $65/ month automatic withdraw -24 hour access to the gym, discounts on training and boot camps, unlimted YOUfit classes, and unlimited studio classes (this does not include Harmon classes or bootcamps)
  • Basic– $35/month Automatic withdraw-  24 hour access to the gym, and discounts on training and boot camps. YOUfit classes 10 for $50

Personal Training

Personal training: these are per session rates
  • Members: $25
  • non member: $30
  • in-home:$40
(each session is 30 minutes. When you book an in-home session, it already has drive time figured in (it will book a 1 hour block). so be sure to book according to 15 minute drive time before and after. For example; if you book a 2:00pm the actual session will be at 2:15 )

Miranda is such an inspiration and pushes me to do my best. The workouts are always challenging, different and fun! She has helped me get back into fitness and meet goals all while having fun doing it! Thanks Miranda!

Kayla N.

Miranda is very energetic and personable.  She has helped me correct my posture while exercising and gave me the push I needed to get my but in gear.  I have not only toned but also started eating healthier!

Jackie S.

Fun Fit, LLC

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